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Meet the management delivering Canadian education online through NeoCanada.

Carson Van Iderstine, the General Manager of NeoCanada.

Carson Van Iderstine

General Manager

“NeoCanada was created to support international students who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of the Canadian Educational System in their home countries. Through our global-minded learning content, our educational partners, and a management team with decades of experience in the Canadian higher education industry, we are reinventing the way students build their educational journey.

With the combined efforts of the Curriculum, Marketing and Tech departments, we offer in-demand programs in different formats, allowing students to learn exactly what they need to reach the next level in their careers. No matter in which professional stage they are, no matter where they live, no matter what the time zone, they can enroll and get ready to apply new knowledge and skills in the global market

We have made great strides so far and we will keep investing non-stop in new partners, new learning technologies, new courses, to boost more and more professional trajectories over the world. I hope you are excited as we are to discover, explore and build the future of online education. That is what moves us.”

Taylor Lapierre, the Director of Curriculum for NeoCanada.

Taylor Lapierre

Director of Curriculum

“The Curriculum team at NeoCanada strives to create curricula that is accessible, relevant, and outcome-oriented. From modules to diplomas, the curriculum team works closely with NeoCanada partners to provide quality education, no matter your location. Each course goes through a vigorous curriculum review process which is designed to optimize the material for an online learning environment. Our courses have an intentional design that supports student learning and experience based on employee expectation and student need.

The expertise of the curriculum team has supported thousands of students to thrive in their studies and graduate with confidence. We are looking forward to ‘seeing you’ in your courses!”

Rodolfo Dantas, the Director of Product for NeoCanada.

Rodolfo Dantas

Director of Product

We work closely with students worldwide to understand their unmet needs and develop innovative ways to provide outstanding experiences. Each step they take towards discovering the most suitable course on the website or getting engaged in their learning journey on is an opportunity for us to exceed their expectations.

The more value we deliver, the more confidence we feel that we are a significant part of what they desire for their professional success. 

Inspired by this purpose, our teams of top-notch professionals are dedicated to consistently elevating the standards for excellence in our industry, working collaborative to processes and services and setting new benchmarks.

That is how we create a positive impact on the world: empowering students to succeed globally and contributing to the growth of the global education industry.

Zac Jeaurond, the Operations Manager for NeoCanada.

Zac Jeaurond

Manager of Operations

“At NeoCanada, the Operations team functions off our intrinsic desire to ensure anyone around the world, regardless of their life circumstances, can receive a valuable and applicable education. From arrival to all the way until graduation, Operations provides the support and resources students need to achieve their educational goals.

Our staff are trained to have an in-depth understanding of all the products we offer and the industries they apply to across the globe to help students find an education suitable to their life circumstances, career goals, and personal values.

The NeoCanada Operations team is constantly reviewing both previous and new student experiences to stimulate innovation that aligns with students’ ever-evolving needs and expectations.”

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